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Summer Songwriting Camp

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Join us for an unforgettable musical journey at our Songwriting Summer Camp! Over the course of two weeks, campers will dive into the exciting world of songwriting, recording, and performing. Your camper will walk away with their very own recording of their group's original song as well as new passions, skills, and friends. With expert instruction from talented songwriters, producers, musicians, and performers, this camp is the perfect place to hone your musical skills, collaborate with peers, and showcase your talent.

About Music Rowe Studios

     Whether your goal is to learn a musical instrument or singing lessons, grow as an artist, college auditions, launch a  music career, songwriting or performing – this is the place for you!  Music Rowe Studios is dedicated to teaching you the skills and providing the hands-on experience necessary to help you chase your dream. Our goal is to create artists with confidence in students of all ages through exceptional teaching. Most schools focus on techniques only and forget that music is a performing art.  Our focus is to develop performing skills along with proper techniques.

Highly Qualified Voice Teachers

   Our faculty specializes in creating individualized lesson to meet the goals of each student.  They will use teaching methods that best suit the student.  Our teachers are equipped to develop and nurture students of all ages whether a beginner or advanced student.


Proven Track Record

   Our students have won many competitions in Jacksonville and the in Northeast Florida area, many have played the leads in musicals, many are attending some of the top university music schools in the country on voice scholarships, won talent in several pageants, been on the TV show The Voice and X Factor, some working with Grammy Award winning producers, and others been offered publishing deals.


Performance Opportunities

   Most music schools have one or two recitals a year.  Our students have the opportunity to perform in the community and competitions several times throughout the year.  This is a defining aspect of our program which gives our students a competitive edge in competitions, auditions, and college scholarships.

Experience the Difference at Music Rowe Studios

     Our goal is to create artists with confidence in students of all ages through exceptional teaching. Most schools focus on techniques only and forget that music is a performing art.  Our focus is to develop performing skills along with proper techniques. Conveniently located for the Jacksonville/St. Augustine Area, Music Rowe Studios is easily accessible and provides flexible hours to accommodate any student.

Comprehensive Music Education

     Music Rowe Studios offers music lessons in a variety of instruments. We offer singing/voice lessons, piano lessons, guitar lessons, songwriting, performing, and artist development providing a comprehensive music education.


State of the Art Modern Facility

     Located in St. Johns county serving the Jacksonville/St. Augustine area with easy access just off of I-95 at the CR 210 exit.  Our modern facility includes a comfortable lobby with free WiFi.  Our lesson rooms have cameras, large glass doors, and are spacious so parents can sit in on a lesson if they choose.  Each room is equipped with instruments, computers, amplifiers, microphones, and music software.  Technology is important in music today and we make sure each studio has what is needed to enhance each student’s learning experience.


Qualified Teaching Faculty

    Each teacher at Music Rowe Studios either has their Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in music or has professional performance experience. Our teachers have had students on The Voice, X Factor, working with Grammy Award winning producers, and others offered publishing deals.  Our teachers are dedicated to learning about your personal musical goals and helping you achieve them.

Testimonials For Music Rowe Studios

"I have known many vocal coaches in my years as a professional recording artist, though many are technically trained to teach, there's none like Chrys Rowe. When it comes to the nurturing aspect of teaching, she can show the proper way to use the voice and take care of the physical instrument. You can't teach a teacher to love, be the encourager and cheerleader of the student. That quality comes from the heart of the teacher.  Chrys does all of the above and does it well!”

​-Linda Davis

Grammy Awarding-Winning

Recording Artist 

"Whether for personal enjoyment or a professional career in singing, Chrys Rowe and her team can teach you at any level and any genre of music from beginning student to recording artist.  She focuses on vocal strength, pitch, breath control and techniques to bring out the very best of your abilities.”


-Dave Mack | Retired Music Industry Executive: RCA, Warner Brothers & MGM/Polydor. 


"I have been a student of Chrys Rowe for 4 years and she has taught me more than just vocal technique, she has helped with my confidence with performing, and she has been a mentor throughout my middle and high school years. With her help I've been able to archive multiple superiors and superior pluses for the past four years at Federation. She has also helped me to accomplish solo performances during BTHS productions and performances at district theatre completions. I can honestly say that with the help of Chrys Rowe I now have the musical knowledge I always desired.”


-Haley McDuff


"Chrys quickly & accurately assessed my daughter's strengths & challenges in her music technique, artistry & performing skills. By sharing her extensive knowledge of musicianship, performance technique and the commercial side of music, she has taught Sydney so much in a relatively short period of time. Chrys' passion for teaching is very apparent at every lesson!”


-Jodi Leiser

"My daughter and myself both love Mrs. Chrys.  Jaelyn has improved so much in the year she has been working with Chrys.  I cannot say enough good things about Chrys and her teaching style, she is so encouraging and positive and gives her students all of her attention during lessons.  She teaches the proper singing techniques rather than focusing on just perfecting a song.  We are very blessed to have her as my daughter's vocal coach. She always challenges her students and even if they don't think they can sing a song Mrs. Chrys always believes in them and knows they can do it.”


​-JeJetta Jackson


Studio Hours:

Monday - Thursday

10:00 AM - 8:00 PM


2:00 - 8:00 PM

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