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Why Choose Us For Guitar & Piano Lessons?


Guitar Lessons

Our guitar instructors  teach any musical genre on guitar from Rock, Jazz, Pop, and Country.You will learn chords, sigh reading, theory, and songs that will challenge your skill level.  We use many guitar method books so each student can be fit to a method that best suits them.  We also encourage our students to bring in their favorite songs so they can learn to play them.


We have several students that are enrolled in both singing/voice lessons and guitar or piano lessons so they can accompany themselves. 

Our instructors will work with students to achieve this goal.

Students age seven and up will be accepted. 


Studies show practicing guitar scales and chords help improve student's Math and English skills.





                                                       Piano Lessons

Our piano teachers teach any style of music you choose from classical to any commercial genre of music.  Our teachers are trained to help you become the musician you  want to be.We use many piano method books and find which one suits the student best.  Not only will you learn notes, chords, technique, and theory you will also play your favorite songs. An electronic keyboard is all you need if you don't have a piano.  Our piano instructors have friendly personalities and enjoy sharing their passion for the piano with you. Students ages four and up will be accepted. 

 Studies show that piano lessons develop the brain because it uses both hemispheres at one time.


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