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Why Music Rowe Studios

     Whether your goal is to learn a musical instrument or singing lessons, grow as an artist, college auditions, launch a  music career, songwriting or performing – this is the place for you!  Music Rowe Studios is dedicated to teaching you the skills and providing the hands-on experience necessary to help you chase your dream. Our goal is to create artists with confidence in students of all ages through exceptional teaching. Most schools focus on techniques only and forget that music is a performing art.  Our focus is to develop performing skills along with proper techniques.

Music Rowe Studios Philosophy

My philosophy of teaching vocal singing is much different than most of my contemporaries. The prevailing thought is to teach only classical style of voice and students can get other genres on their own.  I have to admit that I used to buy into this philosophy when I was working on my degrees and first started teaching.  The more that I got into the masses and worked with students, this philosophy was no longer applicable.  I wanted to meet my students where they were in their everyday lives and help them create music that they not only love but is relevant for today.  

In that moment, eighteen years ago, my studio took a turn and became student driven. My students wanted to sing what they knew and heard on the radio. I decided to teach them how to properly achieve this while ensuring good vocal health and longevity of singing. I evolved my teaching techniques to accommodate commercial singing while continuing to support classical training. 

This was not a popular belief for teaching voice at the time. I created a unique style of teaching commercial music. I reviewed my Bachelor's and Master's degree programs and adapted and created techniques to fit the prevailing music of the day. Over the years, I have been able to perfect my technique for teaching commercial voice and personalize it to each student.

I still believe that classical singing is the foundation for good singing, but I teach it differently.  Being a student driven studio, I assess each student’s voice, their needs and goals as a singer.  A plan is then tailored to each individual student to help them attain their goals.  Whether their goal is to audition for scholarships for college, sing in competitions, pursue a performing career, write music, musical theater, or learning to sing for the love of singing I do what is needed to help them fulfill their dream.

Singing is the foundation of my studio, but there is so much more that is offered.  I am a vocal producer and have been in the studio with many students helping record demos and EP’s.  Several students are singer/songwriters and I help them with writing songs, copyrighting, demo work, and possible publisher presentations.  Artist development is another area that is offered on an audition basis which takes a larger commitment from students who are very serious about a commercial music career.  I get students ready for college auditions for scholarships and acceptance into music schools.  Teach music theory to prepare students for tests for acceptance into music schools.  Work stage performing, mic techniques, nerve control on stage, and speaking to an audience.  This is not an complete list of everything, but gives a good idea of how each student’s plan is individualized to their needs.      

In order to stay current on the pulse of the music industry I bring in leading industry people to work with my students.  Just recently, Grammy-award winning singer Linda Davis worked with students on their stage performing techniques, Jan Smith (vocal coach to Usher, Justin Bieber, The Band Perry, and many more) came and gave advice on the music industry and also worked with students individually, and Dave Mac ( Vice President of a recording label and successful manager to Grammy-award winning singers) helped students with starting a music career and also worked with student’s individually.  There are plans to continue doing seminars in the future in many different areas of music to help students become well rounded musicians.


Being a student driven studio has also brought many successes.  I have students who have been offered recording deals, students working with Grammy-award winning producers in Nashville, some have been offered publishing deals, and several have received scholarships and accepted into the top music schools in the country.  Just recently the studio had students who have won Jacksonville’s First Coast Star, Southside Idol, took second in the Jacksonville Jazz Competition, Miss Florida’s Most Distinguished Teen, Top Five in Miss Florida, and first for the state of Florida in Federation in many categories to only name a few.     

Our goal is to create artists with CONFIDENCE of all ages through exceptional teaching. Our focus is to develop performing skills along with proper techniques.

Chrys Rowe with Linda Davis

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