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Why Choose Us For Voice Lessons?

Music Rowe Studios is the place to be if you want singing/voice lessons or to learn how to perform. Our experienced teachers will help you achieve your goals and will create a singing/voice lesson designed to your individual needs. Students will be assigned songs in their 1st or 2nd lesson so they can apply proper technique immediately.  This allows the lesson to be FUN but challenges the student. Not all students want to perform and we don’t require it.  We do ask that they come to performance though because they can learn so much by watching the experience. Performing helps a student grow and gives them incentive to practice.  We help many students prepare for musical auditions, competitions, college auditions, and performances.  Our teachers help students with song choices, correct keys of songs, audition cuts, preparing songs when a student needs it.We accept students age six and up. 

    Comprehensive Music Education
    Music Rowe Studos offers the best comprehensive singing/voice lessons in the Jacksonville/St. Augustine and surrounding areas.  We teach singing/voice lessons, piano lessons, guitar lessons, songwriting, performing, music theory, and artist development.  Our teachers are equipped to teach any genre from Classical, Musical Theatre, R&B, Country, Pop, Jazz, Contemporary Christian, and Gospel.
Performance Training
We believe that best way to apply your technique is to perform.  Performance breeds confidence in every singer and it spills out into every area of life. We have seen it have a huge impact on students and watched them grow and do things they thought were not possible.
High Qualified Voice Teachers
Our faculty specializes in creating individualized lesson to meet the goals of each student.  They will use teaching methods that best suit the student. Our teachers are equipped to develop and nurture students of all ages whether a beginner or advanced student.

Voice 30 minute lessons once a week - $160 and up monthly
 Voice 60 minute lessons once a week - $320 and up monthly

Piano 30 minute lessons once a week - $140 monthly
Piano 60 minute lessons once a week - $280 monthly

Guitar 30 minute lessons once a week - $140 monthly
Guitar 60 minute lessons once a week - $280 monthly
  * A one-time registration fee of $35.00 will be applied when you enroll.

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