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Music Rowe Studios is offering a concentrated three-week summer camp opportunity that will introduce and immerse budding songwriters through the process of writing, recording, and launching their own original songs.

Students can choose to attend individual weeks, or indulge in the full experience.

A discounted rate will be applied for students attending the full 3-week experience. 

Week One –  Let’s Get Writing ($200) 

¨      June 12-16, 9am-12pm 

¨     Introduce students to songwriting fundamentals, elaborating on the brainstorming process of ideas and the development of chord progression and melodies.   

¨     Provide students with instruction and guidance necessary to write, arrange, and perform original songs.  

¨     Students will walk away with a new original song within their group! 


 Week Two –  In the Studio ($200) 

¨     June 19-23, 9am-12pm 

¨     Focus on the recording process, providing each student with individual time to record work tapes for original songs. 

¨     Learn the essentials of recording methods, techniques, and strategies that can be applied to their own production ventures.  

¨ Students will walk away with a group work tape recording of an original song! 

*Please Note: Students attending week 2 that did not attend week 1 will have to come with an original song already written or be prepared to record a cover within their group 


Week Three –  Get Your Music Heard ($200) 

¨   June 26-30, 9am-12pm 

¨     Provide students with the information necessary to properly “roll out” or release their new song.  

¨     Explore the process of copywriting, releasing, and methods of selling original songs.   

¨     Learn valuable information about the music industry!  


Full 3-week Experience ($550) 

¨     June 12-16, 19-23, 26-30 

¨     9am-12pm 


*All camps are available to grades 6 and up 

*A deposit equivalent to half of camp’s tuition will be required to reserve your spot 


Registration is limited and first come first serve. Only 20 spots available! 

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